Flint receives $2.4 Million to help fix water woes, residents still unsatisfied

<p> <font size="3"> <font face="Calibri">Flint receives $2.4 Million to help fix water woes, residents still unsatisfied</font> </font> </p>

City of Flint officials received 11 suggestions from contractor Veolia to help fix water quality issues with in the city. Veolia estimated that the upgrades would cost approximately $3 Million. The suggestions included using different chemicals to treat the water. Install a Granulated Activated Filters. And eliminating the use of a storage tank in the water system. Flint Mayor Dayne Walling says the report gives city officials a guide on what needs to be fixed first.

â??Over the next few weeks we will prioritize what needs to be done. The new filter, which would cost $1.5 Million, probably isnâ??t necessary because of the switch to the KWA next year,â?? Walling says.

City officials worked with the State of Michigan to delay principle payments on other loans to free up money to make some of the needed upgrades. The arrangement will give the city access to $2.4 million dollars.

â??We are very thankful to have access to the money almost immediately. It allows us to get started right away on these upgrades,â?? Walling says.

The recommendations were presented to the Water Advisory Committee at the Flint Public Library Thursday. More than 50 concerned citizens joined the meeting. Many came to voice their displeasure about the cityâ??s water quality, and high prices. Flint Resident Gertrude Marshall says sheâ??s paying more than $200 a month for water that sheâ??s afraid to drink.

â??We deserve clean drinking water. We want it. After all, we are all paying for it. I feel that they could put $99 Billion into this water, and it would never be corrected,â?? Marshall says.