Flint Renaissance of Smith Village approaching completion

Many of these homes look complete from the outside and others are still being worked on. After many delays and disagreements with developers the government-subsidized housing project is nearing an end.

The project began 14 years ago stalling over the course of several city administrators. Now signs are going up and some neighbors are getting optimistic about the possibility of building a stronger community. Still others in the area are weary about the cost of the homes in flint's current economy.

Flint resident Cedric Perry has lived in Flint for over a half century and isnâ??t sure how the project will turn out.

"There's no jobs here basically for people to buy the houses and it's pretty hard to get financing when the city of flint is in the condition it's in with 100 something murders in two years,â?? said Perry.

The developers of the new homes say potential home owners will be able to move into their new homes within the next few weeks.