Flint residents address Councilman Mays' arrest

Flint's Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley is out of town. The governorâ??s office says Earley will issue a release concerning Mays' arrest later in the week. However, what Lansing does have is legal documentation detailing what it would take to get Mays out of office.

"Of course itâ??s not a good thing because itâ??s not setting a good example at all," said Flint resident Chamika Bates.

Eric Mays' run in with police is making waves throughout Flint's nine wards. But the City of Flint is yet to react.

"Their not probably going to give him a break at all," said Bates.

Governor Rick Snyderâ??s office is waiting on information from Flint's EFM Darnell Earley before taking any action.

Flint resident Otis Spann asks, "if they are the ones in higher command then why not?"

Spann agrees with the capitol possibly deciding councilman Mays' fate.

"But you have to have a forgiving heart and what have you," said Spann.

The Michigan constitution says the governor has the power to remove or suspend a local official under certain limited conditions including gross neglect and corrupt conduct.

The governorâ??s power to intervene is on the table and recommended by people wanting Mays out of office.

"Drunk drivers kill people so I just feel like that's just not setting a good example at all," said Bates.

The City of Flint's legal council is appointing a special prosecutor to handle Mays' case. City Attorney Peter Bade says the appointment is to avoid his office providing Mays legal advice and prosecuting him criminally.