Flint residents brainstorm land use and development for master plan

It's a sign more people want to help launch the city of Flint into the 21st century with the first master plan in 50 years.

About 200 people brainstormed ideas during a workshop Tuesday night on how they want to see land used and developed in the city.

People were assigned to random tables and were encouraged to collaborate and discuss where they'd like to see parks, mixed residential areas, grocery stores and more.

City leaders say getting community input is crucial in putting together the master plan because it will serve as a guide to creating a safer environment and a more stable local economy.

â??This is the peoples plan, it's a community plan and we want people to really be involved because if people are really involved there going to believe in the plan and they themselves are going to help implement it,â?? said Megan Hunter, the cityâ??s chief planning officer.

The feedback gathered Tuesday will be developed into 20 different maps that planners will share at public forums in the near future.

Master planning workshops are also planned across eight sub-areas through the month of July. To learn more, visit

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