Flint residents can apply for poverty exemptions

A Flint city councilman is getting the word out about a seldom-used program that can help low-income families with their taxes and keep them in their homes.

Councilman Sheldon Neeley invited residents to a public forum Thursday night to discuss how to apply for poverty exemption for Flint homestead properties.

Exemptions can help relieve homeowners that meet income qualifications of a portion of their property taxes.

They need to apply through the city's assessment division and have their current tax return and proof of ownership on hand.

â??It's important to make sure that people stay in their homes, stay inside the city of Flint and not leave or lose their homes to foreclosure. It's the difference between meaning that somebody can live in their home or lose their home,â?? Councilman Neeley said.

Eligible property owners can also apply to combine their parcels to reduce the street light assessment.

The deadline to apply for poverty exemption for the 2012 taxable year is next Friday, Dec. 7.

The deadline to apply to combine lots for the street light assessment fee is Friday, Nov. 30.

For more information, visit the City of Flint website.

To search for the Assessorâ??s property value information, click here.

You can also contact Councilman Sheldon Neeley at 810-766-7418 ext. 3165.