Flint residents contest Sunday's Genesee Towers implosion

Sunday's scheduled implosion of all nineteen floors of Flint's tallest building is moving forward on schedule. However, people and business owners are fighting to delay demolition.

Concern over Sundays scheduled implosion is growing.

"I think it should be done a different weekend other than the Sunday before the Christmas holiday celebrations," said Judy Hinman.

The demolition is forcing holiday church services to reschedule and downtown business owners to vacate.

"They basically want us evacuated from the building," said Daniel Spaniola.

The implosion is threatening the business started by Daniel Spaniola's father more than 60 years ago.

"I would like to come see whatâ??s going on for my own sake and know whatâ??s happening around my building," said Spaniola.

Project Manager Dave Lurvey is overseeing the implosion of the towers.

"The dust may travel a few hundred feet so we have to make sure we are taking precautions," said Lurvey.

"The dust is going to create and cause problems inside our building," said Spaniola.

Proper planning and procedures like creating a blast shield are in place.

"You try to put together a plan that makes the most sense for everyone involved," said Dave Lurvey.

Yet people in flint are finding the implosion too close to the holidays.

"I think its very intrusive and I think its very rude," said Hinman.

Demolition officials say all concerns are being considered. And the best decision has already been made.

"On a Sunday in downtown Flint itâ??s affecting the least amount of people within this impact zone," said Lurvey.

The project manager says if the winds are too high on Sunday and the implosion could be cancelled. In turn, the Genesee Towers will stand for several more weeks until demolition crews can find the next most logical date.