Flint residents gear up for the election

There are two and half pages of candidates and proposals are on tomorrowâ??s ballot. Long lines are anticipated at each polling station.

"It is going to take some time to vote but do your constitutional duty and get out there support this country by voting,â?? said J.D Winegarden.

â??Be careful, read the ballot before you complete the ballot and understand it is going to take some people longer than others,â?? said Inez Brown.

If the public safety tax is voted in, Flint residents will pay about 72 dollars more a year in taxes. Money well spent for Flint resident David Burton.

â??We need more police on the streets to keep us safe,â?? said David Burton.

For others collective bargaining is most important and needed just to get by.

â??I donâ??t have 250 million dollars so I need collective bargaining,â?? said Nancy Rozier.

Outside of new proposals voters are also coming out in support of Obamacare.

â??Healthcare is an important issue and everybody deserves treatment to be able to afford healthcare,â?? said Christopher Jones.

Many residents say they are coming out for different reasons, except one.

â??To keep jobs in Michigan, that is the most important thing because a lot of people in Michigan are unemployed,â?? said James Edwards.

And proposal three is promised to create jobs and provide relief from energy bills.

â??All of the proposals are very dear to me,â?? said Rozier.