Flint residents hold Land Bank accountable and get results

"We heard that you were coming, we were excited you were coming and you did a poor job," said Flint resident Samuel Clayton.

The Genesee County Land Bank promises all of their lots will be cut once in 2013. These crews are wrapping up these three yards but not after a day of complaints from the residents on Marengo street.

"This is blight, we heard that you were coming we were excited you were coming and you did a poor job," said Marengo Street resident Samuel Clayton.

Marengo street residents are upset, they say land bank mowers spent less than 5 minutes cutting their vacant lots.

"This is not what they said they were going to do," said Clayton.

These residents keep neatly manicured lawns and look over abandoned lots themselves.

"Thatâ??s why the parkways look so good," said Clayton.

Their daily efforts are whatâ??s making the land bank's half cut properties an obvious blemish.

"I canâ??t appreciate them coming over here and half doing the job," said Clayton.

So residents like Samuel Clayton are asking questions.

"Are they not being supervised? Do they not care anymore? Are they at the end of the road where they don't have the resources,â?? asked Clayton.

Following Claytonâ??s failed phone calls NBC 25 took his questions to the land bank.

"We get very positive feed back about work that is being done," said Genesee County Land Bank Director Doug Weiland.

Except in this case; Land bank Director Doug Weiland takes a look at pictures of Tuesdays cut job on Marengo.

"I would have to look into that because it doesn't look like the finished the job," said Weiland.

Hourâ??s later crews returned to finish the job.

Now that the job is done on Marengo Street, the residents here say that they're going to take care of these homes until next year.