Flint residents react to expected police and fire cuts

Genesee County Commissioners Brenda Clack and Omar Sims hold a forum to discuss restoring Flint neighborhoods.

In the wake of proposed cuts to the police and fire departments in Flint, people voiced their concerns at a community meeting Thursday night.

County commissioners Brenda Clack and Omar Sims planned the event before Flint's emergency manager, Darnell Earley, proposed cutting 36 police officers and 19 firefighters.

â??Nothing is more important than the security of your neighborhood, your home, the investments that you made, your children, your grandchildren,â?? said County Commissioner Brenda Clack.

Some residents say response times are already too slow and that cuts will make things worse.

â??The only time they really respond in our neighborhood is if somebody's down,â?? said Flint resident Oliver Roland.

People spoke about the need to work together on a solution and get the community more involved in fighting crime.

The commissioners plan to have more forums to continue the conversation on how to restore neighborhoods in Flint.