Flint residents relieved serial killer is headed to prison

Alleged killer Elias Abuelazam was convicted of murdering 49-year old Arnold Minor Tuesday in Genesee County.

NBC25 spoke with residents who say they feel safer knowing he's off the streets.

"He was the only doing the killing. It even had the real killers out here scared," said 48-year old Lamar Horton.

Horton said he changed his routine the summer of 2010. In May of that year, African-American men were the target of a serial killer. Eventually, several white men also became victims.

Police fingered Elias Abuelazam as the serial stabber in 14 attacks in the Flint are and several others in two other states.

Five people were killed although Abuelazam is not chared in all the attacks.

Abuelazam was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2012 as he tried to board a plane to his native Israel.

"I think the community is a whole lot safer and they feel that knowing that this man is caught, convicted and doing time, " said Flint resident Michael Orr.

Abuelazam is expected to sentenced for the Minor murder on June 25th.

The Genesee County Prosecutor's Office has not decided whether or not they will try Abuelazam in the other cases.

The Franke Kellibrew murder would be the case to go to trial.