Flint residents say they're willing to sacrifice for more police

Six homicides in the first 19-days of the year has the City of Flint living up to its designation by several outlets as the "most dangerous city in America."

Flint set a new homicide record in 2010 with 65 cases.

If the current trend continues, Flint could surpass one hundred homicides in 2012.

Police found the 5th and 6th homicides in the middle of a parking lot off Ballenger Highway Wednesday night next to a burning vehicle.

The victims were a man and a woman who had been shot. They have not been identified.

Police found the victims near Angela Williams' back yard. Williams says, "My husband was going to the store the other night and he had to dodge bullets. He actually heard the two shots." Williams goes out only during the day time. "You can't even walk to the street no more. You can't do nothing. It's terrible."

Emergency Manager Mike Brown has told the Flint Journal he's in discussions with the state to get more police.

Councilman Sheldon Neeley represents the 6th Ward where the latest homicides happened. "What a true emergency is in a community is looking at crime and blight. He's here for a financial purpose, but the true emergency lies in the residents lives," says Neeley.

Neeley says he's frustrated because his hands are tied when it comes to city operations. However, he says he wants more police from the city, county, and state to address a problem he says is out of control. "We see that cancer growing. It's killing the body of the City of Flint. We need to stop it, contain it now, cut that cancer out while we still have a chance."

Other residents NBC25 talked to in the area say they are willing to have other things cut out of the budget in order to get more officers on the streets.