Flint residents voice concerns to city council on proposed budget cuts

Flint City Council hears from residents about proposed budget cuts.

Concerned residents at the Flint City Council budget hearing made sure their voices were heard Monday night as the deadline quickly approaches for the emergency manager to send the budget to the state.

Flintâ??s Emergency Manager Darnell Earley is proposing major cuts to eliminate the cityâ??s deficit of more than 12 million dollars. The budget has to be submitted to the state by July 1st.

Council members say 36 police officer and 19 firefighter positions would be cut under Earleyâ??s proposed budget. They also acknowledge their short comings when it comes to changing the budget.

â??We really have to recognize what this is and we as a council don't have much authority,â?? said Sixth Ward Councilman Sheldon Neeley.

Flint Finance Committee Chairman, Joshua Freeman, says the council is recommending Earley move 1.8 million dollars from the general fund to public safety.

There are several other small changes council members recommended, like changing the hours of the city lockup and eliminating funding for the Human Relations Commission.

Dozens of residents also lined up to formally object to a street lighting assessment of approximately 70 dollars per lot starting July 1st and 74 dollars next year.

It is unclear which recommendations will be included in the emergency manager's final budget. He is the person who will approve the budget that will be sent to the state.