Flint residents weigh in on farmers' market move

Next year the Flint Farmersâ?? Market will move closer to college students and people working downtown by relocating to the former Flint Journal printing building on E. First Street.

Longtime vendor Mario Webb said the new location will be more convenient for the roughly 5,000 office workers downtown.

"It opens you up to a huge market that's not tapped right now during Back to the Bricks, to the Crim,â?? Webb said. He added, vendors like himself won't have to waste time waiting for the bus anymore.

Uptown Reinvestment officials said pedestrians and people in wheelchairs alike will be able to freely access the new market.

Project Manager Ridgway White said, "It's about interaction between communities and vendors, not so much about the building.â??

Some residents aren't sold on the idea and raise concerns such as limited parking.

"I think it was a real shock to people in the community that this move was going to happen and I'm really disappointed that people weren't made aware of it sooner,â?? Melodee Hagensen said.

The new market will feature food storage and cooling facilities and Uptown is asking for community input on programs such as gardening classes and a kids area.

"A community is known by how welcoming they are to their citizens,â?? Mike Zelley, president of the Disability Network, said.