Flint robbery victim says $150,000 of jewelry was stolen

A Flint family is searching for what they say is about $150,000 worth of jewelry taken in a weekend robbery.

A Flint Police report confirms the burglary on Parkside Drive. For their protection the family wishes not to be identified the shots used for this story are of the entire neighborhood surrounding the home.

"When we got into the house the whole house had been ransacked," said the victim.

Following an out of town vacation the victims finding their home had been broken into without tripping any alarms.

"When we went into the master room I realized that every piece of my jewelry had been stolen," said the victim.

An estimated $150,000 worth of jewelry is gone.

"There were individual pieces made especially for me. A large emerald, pearl ring, several diamond rings," said the victim.

Also taken, two custom gold Rolex watches and some of the victims most prized possessions.

"My wedding ring, my daughters cross from her grandmother," said the victim.

Neighbors and community watch leaders are aware of the break in but say it's rare for the Woodcroft area.

"Itâ??s a concern for everyone who lives here but the people who were victims of this occurrence are not members of the crime watch,â?? said Woodcroft Community Watch leader Mary Coe Ryan.

The victim says the $150,000 of jewelry is important to her family; however, more than jewels have been taken.

The victimâ??s family fears they have lost something more irreplaceable than jewelry, "you never get back the feeling that you are comfortable in your own home. Every night I go to bed now I think are they coming through this window again?"

The victims have hired a private investigator but they say any information leading to the recovery of their jewelry will be rewarded.