Flint school board fails to reach agreement on closings

A six-hour meeting bled into Thursday morning as the Flint School Board failed to reach a decision on closings.

The Flint school board was unable to reach an agreement on closures after a nearly six-hour meeting stretched into the overnight hours on Thursday morning.

Plans included closing both of the district's middle schools and using three high school buildings to hosue grades 7-12.

Also in the works are the closing of three elementarys chools and the Zimmerman Center, which is the home of Mott Adult High School. Summerfield, Zimmerman and Bunch elementary schools are among the three on the chopping block.

The plan comes after months of debating school closures as the distric faces declining enrollment and a looming deficit.

The board was given two different sets of closings to choose from but neither version received enough votes to be sent to the full board for final approval.