Flint school board relocating more than 2,000 students

The school board is relocating more than two thousand students including reopening Flint Northern as Northern Alternative Education Center. The board says the move is a matter of numbers and cutting into the districts budget deficit.

Partnering with many offices including personnel services and research testing the Flint School District has taken what they call a large step into managing their schools.

"The goal is to basically be able to produce a quality product which is education with the limited resources that we have," said Ernest Stewart from the Flint Public School District.

To best suit children in the flint area the district looked at personnel and space in their schools.

"Look at the capacity of our buildings, look at how many rooms are available in those buildings and we have crunched those numbers and that's how you create your boundaries," said Stewart.

The new boundaries are a question mark for current students at Zimmerman who will relocate schools next school year.

"They supposed to be moving us to northern and that is just one school so all those kids in one school that's going to be trouble," said Zimmerman student Jamar Carter.

The district realignment includes changing Flint Northern into an alternative education center for grades seven through nine. A move current students say is a positive.

"This alternative school is what we need for the people who ain't got no education," said Zimmerman student Derrick Walton.

"A lot of people want their education and some people can't go to regular schools so they got to go to the alternative,â?? said Carter.

The school board says they will be holding open meetings next week for parents to come to their respective school and find out where their children will be attending in the future.