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      Flint school board working on new deficit elimination plan

      *** UPDATE ***

      The Flint School Board has approved asking the Michigan Department of Education for more time to get rid of the district's $20 million deficit.

      At its Wednesday night meeting the board approved the measure with a 7-2 vote.

      The state had requested a revised deficit elimination plan from the school district by Thursday. The state must now approve the time extension requested by the board.

      Vice President Roneeka Pleasant-Brown says the district has nowhere left to cut, and the current plan will work if the district has an extra three years to execute the plan. The board is now asking for the completion date to be changed from 2018 to 2021.

      *** ORIGINAL STORY ***

      Where can the school board cut next?

      It's a question many parents like Rayshell Anderson and Patrick Armstrong are asking.

      "They don't have a choice" says Rayshell.

      "Its kind of gone downhill" says Patrick.

      The revised deficit elimination plan needs to rid the district of a 20 million dollars deficit.

      Last month the board voted to out source all substitute teachers and support staff.

      Board members say they are no additional teacher cuts coming, but building closures are a possibility.

      "We don't see any additional cuts to what we already have stated" says Roneeka Pleasant-Brown, Vice President of the Flint school board.

      Parents saying they don't want the district to give up and let the state take control.

      "I don't want them to give up" says Rayshell.

      "We are going to maintain control of our district. Us having power mean our constituents who voted us in still have power" says Roneeka.