Flint school district may avoid closing another school

Monica Moten has a third grader at Pierce Elementary School.

â??I hope they can find a way to keep the schools open for the younger students,â?? says Moten.

Not knowing if her child's school will stay open from year-to-year is causing headaches.

â??You don't know if you'll have to relocate. It's a big decision when schools close down,â?? says Moten.

In previous years, Flint has lost up to 1,200 students per year.Now, district officials say those numbers stabilizing. Hopefully, saving another school.

â??Our February count was up 44 students in the K through 12 so that's a positive sign,â?? says Brian Smith, district spokesman.

But Smith warns plans not ironed out just yet---they're still waiting on end of the year numbers.

â??Once we get those numbers, they'll be more planning,â?? says Smith.

â??We thought it was going to be school closings, at least two elementary and one high school but if it's not then that's exciting,â?? says Ethel Johnson, president of the Flint Teachers Union.

â??It puts a smile on my face,â?? says Moten.