Flint school leaders fine-tune $16 million deficit reduction plan

Flint school leaders need to tell the state how they plan to get rid of nearly $16 million in debt by 2016 and the deadline is fast approaching.

Plans to erase the deficit include potentially closing two more school buildings. Last month, board members voted to close four schools.

School board members met with the district's interim chief financial officer, Linda Holloway, Monday night. She suggested several options to further reduce the district's deficit including cutting utilities to vacant buildings, leasing or selling the Sarvis center and going paperless. One thing that will likely be on the table again - staff cuts.

"This is still a work in progress,â?? Superintendent Larry Watkins said. â??This is not the final document that will go because there's still work that needs to be done in regards to right-fitting the district with staff."

The revised deficit elimination plan will be submitted to the state by May 1.