Flint schools avoid an Emergency Manager, for now

Flint Community Schools will not be placed under an emergency manager -- yet.

Bill DiSessa, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Education, told NBC25's Walter Smith-Randolph that Flint schools have a lot of benchmarks to hit in the coming year and going forward.

Flint schools, said DiSessa, now have until 2018 in order to become debt-free. The previous target was 2016.

However, Flint schools do need to have their deficit eliminated by July of this year, or they will have to start submitting weekly budget reports to the state.

Additionally, before the next student count day, which comes on October 1st, Flint needs to start monitoring their enrollment every week and submit this to the state.

Right now Flint schools are expected to submit a monthly budget report to the Department of Education.

Flint schools also requested an advance on $1.2 million in scheduled state aid. DiSessa said this has been approved.

DiSessa also said that the state will be closely monitoring the situation and that Flint Community Schools are expected to follow the debt elimination plan. Not meeting the benchmarks could set in motion the process of the state taking over the Flint schools, which could include an Emergency Manager.

Flint schools have a school board meeting scheduled for tonight at 6:30 at Southwestern Academy.

Watch NBC25 tonight at 6 as Walter Smith-Randolph brings you more details on this debt elimination plan.