Flint schools celebrate Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

Flint Community Schools wants all students to band together against bullying, in observance of the district's Anti-Bullying Awareness Week, November 19-23.

Bullying is a serious problem and Flint schools are working to remind and educate the community about what can be done to promote, develop and support healthy relationships.

Each day of Anti-Bullying Awareness Week will focus on a different aspect of the district's awareness and prevention efforts. WHen it comes to bullying, Flint Community Schools' motto is simple - Recognize It. Refuse It. Report It.

Monday, November 19: How to recognize the many faces of bullying.

Tuesday, November 20: Students will be asked to "Make a Stand, Raise your hand" to refuse bullying.

Wednesday, November 21: Students will be reminded to "Speak Up About Bullying" by reporting suspected acts when they occur.

In February, there will be an Anti-Bullying Creative Arts Showcase. Students are invited to submit a piece of art that contains a positive, anti-bullying message for a chance to win an iPad, Netbook and other prizes. Entries may be photos, paintings and drawings, songs or skits.

For more information about Anti-Bullying Awareness Week, call the Office of Pupil Personnel Services at (810) 760-1230.