Flint schools cut 12 teachers, more cuts on the way

12 teachers and eight other staff members are now out of a job as efforts continue to balance the Flint Community Schools budget.

"I think it's outrageous. We need our kids to have education. How can we expect them to grow up and do anything with theirself if there's no education, it doesn't make any sense to me,â?? said Shwanda Johnson, mother.

These are the latest cuts for the district, which for months has been laying off employees and next week recommendations from school officials to close and consolidate buildings will also be on the table.

â??The decisions that we make are never personal and they're never easy,â?? said Isaiah Oliver, President, Flint School Board.

Parents are upset and school officials admit it's tough, but say it has to happen.

The decisions last night were just that, decisions based off the deficit elimination plan that we have place and moving in the direction that the district should be,â?? said Oliver.

The Flint School District is facing a more than $10 million deficit. In addition to personnel cuts the district is now outsourcing its food services to Magic Johnson's company, Sodexo MAGIC.

"The goal overall was to move to a place where we could be fiscally responsible and we understand that the financial necessities are there so we had to move in that direction,â?? said said Oliver.

But that direction has some parents wondering if they want to keep their families in Flint.

"I just feel like if there's no education here there's no point for me to be here with my children. There's no point of me paying taxes on all of these different things if there's no one here to teach the kids,â?? said Johnson.

Next Thursday the school board is meeting again. That's when Oliver says to expect more personnel cuts as the board works to approve a budget that gets the district out of the red.