Flint schools mandate paycheck pickup for all workers

The Flint School District is making sure everyone who gets paid is actually working for them. Friday, the district made all 1,300 staff members pick up their paychecks in person.

"It's just prudent financial management,â?? said Brian Smith, Spokesperson, Flint School District.

"It's very strange. That worries me a lot, yes,â?? said Brittny Giles, parent.

This was the first time the district mandated a paycheck pickup.

"Mr. Watkins, our superintendent, went through the line this morning and picked up his check,â?? said Smith.

Employees had to provide identification, list the building they work in and give their job title before getting their paycheck.

"The school district is testing itself on its financial procedures. It's kind of a self-audit,â?? said Smith.

The Flint district is facing a multi-million dollar deficit, and recently needed an advance on state aid to pay its teachers. That's why now, more than ever, every penny counts.

"The district has tightened its financial procedures. This is a way to test those procedures,â?? said Smith.

Brittny Giles grew up in Flint, but the elementary school in her neighborhood closed. With three young kids she's worried about what the future will look like.

"There's nowhere for kids to go to school. Like, I do understand that Flint doesn't have any money, but we still have children that need to go to school,â?? said Giles.

The district is allowing anyone who was unable to pick up their checks in person Friday to pick them up next week at the administration offices.

District officials say in a few weeks they'll tell NBC25 if this paycheck pickup. revealed if anyone was being paid, but not working.