Flint schools recall teachers

The Flint Board of Education has recalled 140 staff members thanks to a boost in federal money under Title I. The school district received roughly $15 million in funding to recall the teachers and staff members.

The recall of these positions was expected.

The teachers, counselors, para pros, parent facilitators and behavioral specialists will return to their previous positions, although due to school closures at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, some staff members will be working in different buildings, according to Flint Community Schools spokesman Robert Campbell.

The Flint School District sent a statement to NBC25 that reads in part: "Another portion of the staff recalled is related to the enrollment numbers. Some of those teachers had been working as subs until the official enrollment count was tallied. We projected an enrollment of 8,651, but the count was 8,778 -- an increase of 127 students."