Flint schools score low on state testing

"The middle school scores this year across the board are much better than they have been in the past" says Tom Curatti, a science teacher at Flint Northwestern and the head of the science curriculum.

Better, but still not good enough according to state standards, with science taking the hardest hit for a second year.

"We think that some of the new things we are implementing now are going to have an impact, not necessarily this year, but in coming years" Tom says.

Teachers are trying to tie classroom lessons together with real life situations, and pushing kids towards a STEM program that focuses on science and math.

While scores this year are still low, they do show some slight improvement especially at lower grade levels.

Teachers are using this information to create new lesson plans.

"For our kids who are not making it, we are looking at the data saying, ok, what did the kids understand, what might they have missed or misunderstood about the question, and how can we help them to understand better" says Cheryl Adkins, Principal of Flint Northwestern.

And while teachers focus on improvement, parents hope the upward scores continue.

"As long as they are improving, you know it takes time, and as long as we see improvement I think it's a good thing we're heading in the right direction" says Kamala Lowe, a Flint resident and Flint Northwestern parent.

"We can't help but to go up and get better" she says.

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