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      Flint schools seeking more money from the state

      Count day is a day when attendance in class takes a top priority in Michigan. It happens twice a year, and it's how schools get money from the state.

      "It has a driving force on the budget, again, you know, we are a district that's in a deficit,?? said Larry Watkins, superintendent, Flint Community Schools.

      But for a district in the red count day isn't enough. Flint Community Schools is going to the state for more money.

      "Both are short term borrowings at this point, and would help the district with its cash flow,?? said Terry Stanton, administrator, communications division, Michigan Department of Treasury.

      The Michigan Department of Treasury is currently assisting the district with securing a tax anticipation note, which is tax revenue the district is trying to get early. They've already secured an advance on some of their state aid to pay teachers.

      This is news that has students worried about their own education.

      "If we don't have enough money then it will probably end up getting closed down and most of the kids I went to elementary with go there and so it's like my family,?? said Treeanna Bobbs-Foster, 8th grader, Southwestern Academy.

      The winter count day was Wednesday, and is what districts rely on to calculate ten percent of their state funding. While budgetary it is important Watkins tries not to take that into the classrooms.

      "That's not our focus, our focus is on educating students and student attendance every day,?? said Watkins.

      The district needs to keep on track with its deficit elimination plan. If they??re able to do that then they can avoid losing control to an emergency manager.

      Officials with the Michigan Department of Education tell NBC25 that, so far, it seems things are heading in that direction, but they are in the early stages of this process.