Flint standoff continues, state trooper shot

<p>Police say that Daron Gaylor, who is wanted for homicide in a shooting on June 2 and wanted as a person of interest in another homicide on July 5, is holding up in a home on Fulton Street and Sherman Avenue.</p>

*** UPDATE 10:06 pm ***

Flint police and the Michigan State Police have confirmed that Daron Gaylor has been found dead inside the home on Sherman Avenue.

His body was found in the attic of the house.

The Michigan State Police had brought in tactical equipment and removed the roof of the house, which is how they confirmed that Gaylor was dead.

At this time, officials cannot confirm if he died from a self-inflicted wound or if he was shot in an earlier encounter with police.

Police had tried to send messages to Gaylor through a family member, but when he did not respond, the police entered the home after using tear gas. The police were then fired upon and a trooper was shot.

Later attempts to contact Gaylor had no response. Police were unsure if he was dead or alive, which lead to police removing the roof from the home.

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*** UPDATE ***

More tactical support has arrived for the police dealing with the standoff that has been going on since 10:30 this morning.

Helicopters are flying overhead keeping watch. Additionally a backhoe was brought in to rip off part of the house in order to give police a better view inside.

This equipment is being used, according to Flint Police Chief James Tolbert, in order to limit the danger to the police.

Chief Tolbert also said that investigations done by the Flint police, Michigan State Police and the Department of Corrections had lead them to this house.

It is unknown what condition Gaylor is in, as police have been unable to contact him. Family members, in addition to police, were used in the contact attempt.

Another press conference is currently planned for 9:30 tonight.

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*** END UPDATE ***

The Michigan State Police and the Flint police have been involved in a standoff with a man wanted in connection to multiple shootings since 10:30 this morning.

Police say that Daron Gaylor, who is wanted for homicide in a shooting on June 2 and wanted as a person of interest in another homicide on July 5, is holding up in a home on Fulton Street and Sherman Avenue.

Huge crowds gathered near the standoff as police attempted to remove Gaylor from the home. At one point the police entered the home. Lt. Cole of the Michigan State Police said that Gaylord fired on the officers and shot a state trooper.

The trooper has non-life threatening injuries. It is not known at this time if Gaylor was also shot.

At this time the police are bringing in more tactical equipment. They intend to stay on the scene until Gaylor is removed from the home. Lt. Cole says that contrary to some reports, Gaylor is in the home.

The crowd that gathered at the scene has since been moved to Saginaw Street and Sherman Ave.

Daron Gaylor is wanted for a homicide that took place on June 2 on the corner of Martin Luther King Avenue and Welsh Boulevard at a bus stop. Police say that 19-year-old Tyrell Gaylor was wounded and 28-year-old Ali McZick was killed in that shooting.

The second homicide, Flint police say, took place on July 5th. One man and a child were shot on East Witherbee Street near Hamilton Avenue. Family members told NBC25 that Tyrell Gaylor, who was shot previously at the bus stop, was killed in that shooting. The child survived and is reported to be in good condition.

Another press conference is expected later tonight. NBC25 will continue to bring you the latest online and on the air.

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