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      Flint standoff suspect??s family speaks out, girlfriend in custody

      The day after an 11-hour standoff, neighbors are in disbelief, staring at what's left of the home on Sherman Avenue. Daron Gaylor leading a standoff and shootout with police on Wednesday.

      ?? I was in shock. I was like, oh my god, they shooting,?? says neighbor Fashana Skinner who lives on Sherman Avenue.

      ??(We were) constantly looking for him, we had a Crimestoppers tip come in,?? says James Tolbert, Flint??s police chief.

      That tip leading police to the home where, police believe, Gaylor's girlfriend was living.

      ??The whole idea is to get the individual to come out and give up,?? says Tolbert.

      Instead, six hours into the standoff Gaylor shot at state troopers, injuring one.

      ??They called his name and asked if he could come out and he wouldn't come out,?? says Skinner.

      ??Rather, than put anybody in harm's way, it was our decision to try and bring in some equipment so we could find him in the home,?? says Tolbert.

      The 22-year old was wanted in connection with two murders--one victim being Gaylor's cousin.

      The suspect's mother and sister maintaining his innocence Thursday.

      ??No, he didn't kill his own cousin. Don't nobody (sic) know what really happened,?? says Angelique Gaylor, the suspect??s younger sister.

      Police are now cautioning those who may have helped Gaylor hide from police.

      ??Anybody who we determined facilitated his evasion from law enforcement, they're going to suffer, again, the weight of the law,?? says Tolbert.

      Police are still not confirming how Gaylor died--whether it was a self-inflicted wound or if hit in the shootout he had with police. An autopsy is being performed.

      As for the trooper who was injured, we're told he is okay this evening.

      Gaylor??s girlfriend is now in the city lock-up. We'll release her name once she's arraigned.