Flint students get new science lab

Flint Community schools unveiled a new STEM lab at Brownell-Holmes STEM Academy.

Students at Brownell-Holmes STEM Academy will have a hands-on learning experience in science, technology, engineering and math this school year thanks to a new lab.

School officials say the new lab has been designed to accommodate students ranging from ages 5 to 12 years old and there is only one other like it in Michigan.

â??Brownell-Holmesâ?? new state-of-the-art STEM labs are designed to help students from the earliest states of their learning careers get the knowledge to apply science, technology, engineering concepts and mathematical principals in their daily lives,â?? said Dr. LaMoine Motz, a former Michigan science teacher who helped design the lab. â??Flint Community School has built a teaching and learning environment where teachers and students are active participants in the learning process.â??

The lab incorporates flexible, movable and modular elements, meaning tables, chairs and other design components that can be moved and reconfigured to accommodate interactive, hands-on instruction, Motz said.

Holmes Principal, Anna Palmer-Johnson, said the design was essential in order to meet the needs of every student at the school.

â??Appropriately designed facilities are important for learning and achievement,â?? said Palmer-Johnson. â??By designing these labs with adjustable components, we can provide all of our students with truly special hands-on learning experience that can encourage them to learn more and achieve more.â??

Plans for the lab began in 2013. Motz along with Flint Community Schoolsâ?? staff developed ideas for the project and they received financial support from the C.S. Mott Foundation.

â??Whatâ??s really special about these new STEM labs is that we can now help every student, including our kindergartners, get a valuable hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering and math,â?? said Brownell principal Valeria Shepard. â??No child is too young to enjoy hands-on activities in science and technology.â??

Brownell serves students in grades K-2 and Holmes serves students grades 3-6.