Flint takes strides against breast cancer

Walking for breast cancer is only part of the efforts made in Flint. The American Cancer Society is stepping up research to prevent families from hearing the words, you have cancer.

"My mother found out she had breast cancer when my son was about 3 he is 18 now so she has been cancer free for the last ten years," said the members of Team Magee.

Teams like Team Magee are taking strides through flint and have similar individual stories.

But together they are raising more than $400,000 for the American Cancer Society.

"Itâ??s awesome it really is," said Magee.

Magee's mom is a cancer survivor her team and more than 3,000 other participants in Flint are working to help the next generation of cancer diagnoses.

"Were at the tail end of a three year study trying to get as many people involved who have not had cancer. Anyone between the ages of 30 to 65 to look at behavioral risk factors," said American Cancer Society spokeswoman Alicia Gardener.

Those risk factors are coming from a small blood sample, a waist measurement and general information.

"We use that information and then follow our participants over the next twenty years to see if there are any changes or trends across the nation," said Gardener.

Through a successful study the society hopes to keep families like Team Magee together.

"For my aunts my cousins and my sister in law to come out it means a lot to us," said Magee.

Of the 36,000 residents on hand from the Genesee County Area they raised $307,000. Those number including efforts made by the NBC 25 breast cancer team walking for Meteorologist Jason Adams' mom.