Flint tattoo artist on national TV

Spike TV

Is Kyle Dunbar a bad boy? It depends who you ask. Although he's served time in jail, he's emerged as one of the areas top tattoo artists.Now all of America is learning just how cool Dunbar is.

He's appearing on Ink Master, a reality show on Spike TV. His bio reads...."He's a self-taught tattoo artist who hasn't built his reputation on being the nice guy. He says that he worked at almost every tattoo shop in Genesee County, MI, his hometown, only to have been fired from every one of them because of his abrasive attitude. Dunbar dislikes tattoo styles with strict rules and prefers to create his own world of art where he can control gravity and twist reality to his own liking. Dunbar opened his own shop Almighty Tattoo in 2003 with his wife and has clients coming to him from all over to get inked in his signature extreme realism tattoo style".

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