Flint Township church mixes faith with body art

A non-traditional church in Flint Township is combining faith with art that's skin deep. The Bridge has opened a Genesee County-licensed tattoo parlor called Serenity Tattoo.

The Bridge works with several community outreach programs and offers help for recovering addicts. The tattoo parlor is just part of an overall effort to provide a place for people to go who don't feel comfortable in a traditional church.

"There's people that come in and get their little kid who passed away and they put their tattoos on there and it's something that's very healing for some people -- things that mean a lot to them. And you'll see people put tattoos on them (selves) that have significant meaning to them,â?? said Steve Bentley, lead pastor at The Bridge.

The Bridge is located in the Carman shopping plaza northeast of Corunna Road and I-75.