Flint Township woman attacked and robbed in home

Flint Township Police say suspect said he was a maintenance worker and then robbed and attacked a woman. (Picture from Duff Tyler)

Police in Flint Township are looking for a person posing as a maintenance worker who forced his way into a woman's home attacking and robbing her.

"He grabbed me by the throat and then he pushed me in my house and knocked me to the ground and my back hit the love seat and popped me in the eye," said Kathee Landon.

The incident happened Sunday night a mobile home park in Flint Township.

Kathee Landon says the man said he needed to get into her home to fix a maintenance issue. When she opened the door is when the man attacked leaving Landon with a bruised eye.

Landon said the man scared her, "he kept saying where's your kids, I know you have kids, your too old I can't get anything out of you I might as well slit your throat."

"I was able to push him out onto the deck and then rolled around and put my back up to the door and slammed it, I think I hurt him because I saw his hand and he cursed."

Police arrived and could not find the man.

To make matters worse, Landon said her rent money was in her purse that the suspect got away with.

The suspect is described as a white man, six foot four, dark brown scruffy hair with a goatee,

"I'm convinced that he is targeting mothers and children and that if he doesn't get caught someone is going to get hurt or lose their child," said Landon.

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