Flint Twp. police identify motorcyclist killed Thursday, arrest lead cyclist


Flint Township police have released the name of the motorcycle rider who was killed by a semi truck Thursday.

Police say 34-year-old Ellery Allen Thomas of Flint Township was killed when his motorcycle slammed into the truck near eastbound I-69 and I-75.

A second cyclist who didn't stop when the accident happened was arrested in Flint Friday afternoon on unrelated charges. That rider will also face charges in the accident.

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Holly Lorkowski was in the car, when in flashes, a deadly accident unfolded before her. A motorcyclist hit a semi truck on eastbound I-69.

The visual is branded in her memory.

"I'd seen the guy, his friend was ahead of him, and then I'd seen the guy collide with the semi, and then that's when I'd seen the guy flying and the bike going into pieces, the helmet and the shoes went in different directions,â?? Lorkowski described.

Flint Township Police say there were two motorcyclists riding in tandem. They were exiting from the north/southbound I-75 ramp onto eastbound I-69. The lead motorcyclist passed a pick-up truck on the right and motioned for the second rider, who didnâ??t see a semi truck, and collided into its side.

â??Iâ??m assuming that they didn't see each other when they were merging into traffic,â?? Lorkowski said.

Sergeant Randy Kimes with Flint Township police said, â??It appeared that the motorcycle ran into the side of the semi truck and then became trapped underneath."

The semi truck driver pulled over upon impact, thinking something was wrong.

"He had to be shaken,â?? Lorkowski said.

The accident closed eastbound I-69 for more than an hour while detectives worked the scene.

Police haven't released the 34-year-old victim's name. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The lead motorcyclist never stopped and never returned to the scene.

The semi truck driver was not hurt in the crash.

The Flint Township Police is requesting anyone with information about the lead motorcyclist to contact Det. Alex Minto at (810) 600-3250.