Flint UAW workers protest in Lansing

Wielding signs and proudly bearing their union crests, dozens of workers hopped aboard buses from Flint to Lansing, hoping their strength in numbers could send a strong message to lawmakers at the capitol.

"They know what they were doing they know good and well what they were trying to do, it's union busting and they know it,â?? retired UAW Local 599 member Frank Grace said.

For union workers in Flint, home of the Sit-Down Strike and birthplace of the UAW, Gov. Snyder's push for swift passage feels more like political nose-thumbing. Some call the governor a turncoat, after he promised three years ago that right-to-work legislation was not on his agenda.

"I'm disappointed in him as person and as a governor,â?? UAW Local 598 member Ron Perkins said.

Flint union workers joined the throngs of demonstrators on the capitol steps and, to the chants of political action leaders, they demonstrated their right to protest, marching up and down the streets.

"We feel it's too divisive for Michigan and we're out here just letting 'em know that we don't care for it,â?? Vice Pres. of UAW Local 659 Steve Gruener said.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed the legislation late Tuesday afternoon.