Flint water decision expected today

***UPDATE 4/15/2013 8:24pm** Detroit water officials had until 5p.m. Monday to submit the final offer to continue supplying water to the city of Flint. Bill Johnson, spokesman with Detroit Water & Sewarage, told NBC25 News the department would submit their offer before 5p.m.

On Monday, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson voiced their concerns over Flint and Genesee County's plan to join the K.W.A.

Commissioner Nash said in a statement, the proposal is "not something the state should support."

Jeff Wright, Commissioner of the Genesee County Drain Commission responded saying, "The folks down in Oakland County need to get their facts straight and stop regurgitating inaccurate information that has been long refuted."


Today is D Day for Flint water. "D" for decision day. It's Detroit's last stand.

Flint and several other jurisdictions have told the state they want to build a pipeline to Lake Hurton for water. Right now they get their water from Detroit, but local communities have complained for years they feel gouged by Detroit. Recent financial abuses within the Detroit water system hasn't helped their cause.

Detroit water officials have until 5 pm today to come up with a counter offer. If not, the state is giving the county the green light to join the Karegnondi Water Authority. The state treasurer is supporting the city and the county's plan to join the K.W.A. by approving a $50,000 contract; but Detroit has one final offer.

Bill Johnson with Detroit water says they'll come up with a counter offer sometime this morning. Flint Emergency Financial Manager Ed Kurtz and County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright say they'll look it over and come up with a decision soon afterwards.