Flintâ??s arson rate falls 50-percent in 2013

The Vehicle City is no stranger to crime and arson but as the crime rate is falling so is the arson rate and Flint's new fire chief says there's a direct correlation.

Flint leading the nation in arsons per capita but Flint Fire Chief David Cox hopes new numbers knock Flint off the top of the list.

â??Arson numbers are actually down for 2013,â?? says Cox who has been at the helm for nine months.

Arson numbers are down 50-percent. Flint saw 119 less arsons in 2013 than the previous year. Also dropping---Flint's crime rate.

â??It's all tied together. When you have a drop in overall crime, naturally you're going to have a drop in arsons,â?? says Cox.

Thatâ??s good news for the Holland family. They live down the street from the city's latest arson on McClure Avenue.

â??It really sets the mood down, it makes the city look bad,â?? says CJ Holland.

Chief Cox says the progress comes from alert neighbors.

â??Getting out and talking to the community had an awful lot to do with it,â?? says Cox.

The city's two arson investigators plastering burned-out homes with reward information after arsons.

â??I think we're getting a lot more help,â?? says Marcus Brown, the fire marshal of the Flint Fire Department. â??People are getting tired of areas being burned and fires for no reason, they're getting tired off that,â?? he adds.

That arson fatigue is leading to a flicker of hope.

â??We're going to continue the things that help,â?? says Cox.

â??They are making good progress. I do see it. I do see Flint moving forward,â?? adds Holland.

The fire department is urging neighbors to say something if they see something.

Anonymous tipsters can receive a reward of up to $5,000 if an arrest and conviction are made. That number is 1-800-44-ARSON.