Flint's Bishop International Airport starts service with Southwest

Southwest Airlines has now come to Flint Bishop International Airport.

Southwest is offering flights to Baltimore and Florida from Flint, with flights to Las Vegas coming in August.

Corvettes, showing off the officials colors of Southwest Airlines, and a double water cannon greeted the first Southwest jet to arrive at Flint Bishop Airport.

"This is going to bring legendary low fares to our airport for the foreseeable future. These guys are here to stay," said Flint Bishop spokeswoman Pat Corfman.

Southwest Airlines purchased AirTran, who flew out of Flint, back in 2011.

Employees of AirTran in Flint will now work for Southwest, who hopes to add even more jobs to Flint in the future.

"It is absolutely amazing they are committing to our community, and we need to commit right back to them the same way they are committing to us," said Corfman.