Flintâ??s Emergency Manager addresses city council on budget

Flint's Emergency Manager Darnell Earley addresses city council concerning the budget.

Flint's Emergency Manager addressed the city council on the budget he adopted, which aims at cutting the cityâ??s deficit of more than 12 million dollars.

Darnell Earley adopted a revised budget for the next two fiscal years on Friday after receiving feedback from the city council. He spoke to the council at its regular meeting Monday night.

Residents voiced their concerns about increased water rates, a special street light tax assessment, and funding cuts to police and fire.

Council members say there are just a handful of suggestions they made that the emergency manager addressed.

â??We've put money out of the general fund into the police fund so we wouldn't have to layoff police officers,â?? said Scott Kincaid, Flint City Council President.

The police and fire departments are trying to handle the remaining cuts through attrition.

â??We just simply don't have the funds now at this point to go forward carrying those positions in public safety,â?? said Earley.

The emergency manager stood by the budget he approved and says the city will not be reducing water rates because they need to collect a full year of data to make an appropriate decision during the transition away from Detroit water.

Earley says he is pleased with the progress made toward eliminating the deficit.