Flint's Emergency Manager issues Executive Order to "disruptive" Councilman Eric Mays

Flint City Councilman Eric Mays

Flint's Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley, has issued an executive order that limits Flint Councilman Eric Mays' access to City Hall.

Earley's order says Eric Mays is no longer allowed to communicate with any staff member of the City of Flint, including the Emergency Manager, unless it is to report an emergency or pay his bills.

If he must contact the Emergency Manager, he can do so through email only, according to the order.

Additionally, Mays' parking privileges were revoked and Mays is only allowed at City Hall during normal business hours and during city council meetings.

The order also says that during the council meetings, Mays will not be permitted to speak unless the council president, Scott Kincaid, allows him to speak. Mays is also not allowed to discuss any topics during the council meetings that are not on the agenda.

All of this follows what Earley calls, "persistent disruptive behavior," and "inappropriate, intimidating communication with staff." Earley also said that this order was needed because of Mays' refusal to resign after Mays' drunk driving arrest.

Eric Mays tells NBC25 that Earley informed him of the order Friday morning during a phone call. Mays said Council President Scott Kincaid, council members Joshua Freeman and Bryant Nolden and City Clerk Inez Brown were present in the room with Earley during their phone conversation. Mays said he was surprised by the directives in the order and that they were unfairly targeting him. He also said some of the incidents mentioned in the order, such as the Dec. 2 incident in which the order stated Mays was verbally abusive toward a Flint police employee, were not true.

â??I feel sad that the emergency manager and or the leadership has not talked to me. They're just throwing out orders,â?? Mays said. â??Between me and my constituents, we might have a class action lawsuit. This is unprecedented. And it's based upon fraud that has not been investigated."

Mays was elected to the Flint City Council by just eight votes. Mays was also arrested, and charged, for drunk driving. He was arrested after driving the wrong way down I-475, while impaired, with four flat tires, according to police.

NBC25 is going to speak with Councilman Mays later this afternoon. We have also reached out to Earley for comment as well.

Be sure to watch NBC25 tonight at 6 for reaction and more on this developing story.