Flintâ??s emergency manager says city not switching back to Detroit water

Dorothea Cronkright is not happy with the water coming out of her tap.

â??It wasn't so bad at first when they first made the switch but it's gotten progressively worse. I can't drink it at all,â?? says Cronkright.

The Flint resident wants the city, like many, to switch back to Detroit water.

â??I don't know if it would solve all the problems but we didn't have that smelly, bad, foul-tasting water,â?? says Cronkright.

But emergency manager Jerry Ambrose says there's a slim-to-none chance of switching back to Detroit.

â??It will cost this city $1 million more a month were it possible to go back to Detroit,â?? says Ambrose at a press conference Thursday afternoon. â??Secondly, we don't have a direct connection to Detroit anymore.â??

Ambrose also says there's a perception issue about Flint water.

He says water giveaways, like the one at Gillieâ??s Coney Island in Mount Morris, are not helping with the city's image.

Ambrose maintains, Flint's water is safe.

â??It clearly is an issue of concern for us. I mean it clearly is a reputational issue,â?? says Ambrose.

But Gillie's manager says they just want to help their customers.

â??We get so many people every single day asking us about our water and Flint water and stuff like that. But yea, we actually get people from Flint coming here to get water,â?? says Misty Noble, general manager of Gillieâ??s.

Ambrose says the city staying on course to switch the Karegondi pipeline for now.

Cronkright says as long as the water comes from the Flint River, she's not drinking it.

â??My water is terrible,â?? says Cronkright.