Flint's largest union reaches agreement to employee concessions

The City of Flint is reaching agreements towards balancing the budget.

Wednesday, 90% percent of AFSCME 1600 voters agreed to double digit employee concessions.

AFSCME is the city's largest union, and Mayor Dayne Walling says this vote will set a precedent for other unions to make sacrifices in order to save jobs. "This shows that our city employees understand the difficult budget climate that we're in and are willing to make the decision to share in the sacrifice to do their part to keep our city services strong," Mayor Walling stated in a Wednesday afternoon press briefing. Every cost saving allows us to keep the highest number of employees on the job and allows us to provide the highest number / highest quality of services, he said.

Mayor Walling says these concessions impact employees in sanitation, streets, utilities, maintenance, parks and recreation, 68th District Court, and city hall.