Flint's Mayor wants independent finance director

Mayor Walling speaking to the Flint Club.

Too many people have their hands in Flint's finances. The mayor wants just one guy. (or gal).

For years there have been squabbles over money in Flint. The mayor's people weigh in. City council has it's say. The budget director fires back. The accounting department, the budget director...hold on a minute. Can we get a consensus? Many times, no.

Mayor Dayne Walling says enough is enough.

In remarks to the Flint City Club, (a club he helped to start), he wants to change the city charter to have just one person in charge of Flint finance. Much like they do with the legal department and personnel. It would save time and money according to the Mayor.

He talked to the group at Hoffman's Deco Deli in downtown Flint.