Flintâ??s new police chief James Tolbert takes over the reigns

James Tolbert is taking over as police chief after Alvern Lock steps down. Mayor Dayne Walling also attended a press conference welcoming Tolbert Monday morning.

It's a tall order for Flint's new police chief, James Tolbert.

â??At the end of the day, we want to make the city of Flint safe for the people who live here, who visit here,â?? says Tolbert.

His first day comes after a violent spree in The Vehicle City--four homicides in just one week.

â??You have to be shocked anytime you hear there's a homicide,â?? says Tolbert.

The new chief says his top priority is shedding the â??Most Violent City in Americaâ?? moniker.

â??My goal is to remove that label from the city of Flint,â?? say Tolbert who has 27 years of police experience. â??We will not have that label,â?? he adds.

But Flint neighbors say Tolbert needs back-up if he's going to achieve his goal.

â??I just think there needs to be more cops visible,â?? says Christy Haun.

â??I think we really need more police officers here in town,â?? says Johnny Ray Fleming who lives in Flint.

â??We need officers now,â?? says Kevin Smith, president of the Flint Police Officers Association. â??We don't need officers in the police academy. Obviously we need some young officers but we need officers now,â?? he adds.

More police officers are heading to Flint later this year but for now, Tolbert says he plans on increasing communication and working with the community.

You will see me out there. You will see me out in the community, trying to engage the community, trying to engage the businesses, you're going to see me out there,â?? says Tolbert.