Flood clean up raises concerns from the Department of Public Health

Many Saginaw County roads remain closed despite receding flood waters. In Saginaw Township where residents near swollen riverbanks are beginning to clean up after what some are calling the 90 year flood.

Debris left behind after a wet weekend, Saginaw Township residents are starting to clean up the mess.

"I never get water in my apartment Iâ??m right in the middle, i never get water, and I got water," said Saginaw Township resident John Janiuk.

More than four inches in two days forced the closure of dozens of roads.

"Thatâ??s a lot of rain," said Janiuk.

The Saginaw Department of Public Health is taking action, letting residents know how to handle flooding, especially for first time victims.

"A lot of the water that comes could be carrying contaminates pesticides from fields, other things that can be picked up along the way," said Health Officer John McKellar.

The department of public health says lingering moisture within homes can affect your health.

"More sinus issues and my eyes have been watering for the past week and a half since we had the flooding," said Saginaw Township resident bonnie Poppe.

"You got to disinfect it or get rid of it, one of the two," said Janiuk.

With more rain in the forecast, already swollen riverbanks will be tested in Saginaw County.

The Saginaw County Department of Public Health adds if flood waters reached your well at home you should have the water tested.