Flood safety as residents remember floods nearly one year ago

"It's not worth the risk" says William Federspiel, Saginaw County Sheriff.

Turn around, don't drown, words to live by during spring in Michigan.

This week is flood safety awareness week and with last years severe flooding at the front of their minds, Saginaw emergency personnel are working to keep everyone safe and prepared.

"People may think that their vehicles are high enough to surpass the water and that they will get through it" says Federspiel.

Drivers attempting to forge ahead through flooded roads create dangerous situations for themselves, and others.

"You could actually prevent someone from receiving service from public safety that they should be getting but wouldn't because they are saving you" says Federspiel.

But flood waters have caused home-owner issues.

Last year we spoke with Midland and Saginaw residents with homes on the floods front lines.

"I never got water in my apartment, never, I live right in the middle and this year I got flooded" John Januk told NBC 25 last year.

Residents hoping that almost one year later, any flood waters will wash right by them.

"It's just amazing, mother nature you know the way it works, there's no stopping it" Charles Bonham of Midland said.