Flood victims search for answers at town hall meeting

Close to 2,000 homes and businesses were damaged by the flood.

Nearly one hundred Genesee County residents filled a room at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Mundy Township for an informational town hall meeting regarding the aftermath of flooding in Genesee County in early May.

"People have a lot of bewilderment and confusion and there is a lack of trust. People don't think their insurance covers what they think it should," Senator John Gleason said.

Gleason walked into the audience to try and calm down angry residents on several occasions Monday night.

Some residents are upset they haven't received insurance money, despite filing a claim a month ago.

Other residents are angry because they believe backed up drains caused more damage than the flood itself.

Several insurance agents spoke during the meeting, and provided attendees with literature about flood insurance.

Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency were also invited, but did not show up.

Close to 2,000 homes and businesses were damaged by water from the flood in early May.

Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in Genesee County one week later.