Flood warnings for Kearsley Creek, Shiawassee River

Rain totals through Thursday 7:28pm. Most of the rain will fall overnight and Thursday morning.

**UPDATE: The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Kearsley Creek near Davison until 2am Saturday. The NWS has also issued a flood warning for the Shiawassee River at Owosso until 8am Monday. For more information, click here.**

We'll be lucky to reach the middle 50s tomorrow as a cold rain moves in, and that rain will be heavy at times.

Low pressure will lift to the northeast of us on Thursday night, allowing somewhat drier air to move in for Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures, however, will stay colder than average (around 68° for a high and 45° for a low) through the weekend.

To see when the 70s return, click on the video!