Flooding aftermath leaves residents cleaning up

Evidence left behind from a temperature spike and hard rain. Outside, nature is leveling back out. Hiding the ongoing battle left behind.

"I tried to seal up the cracks as fast as the water was coming in, I had foam, I tried to spray foam in it, I got that ready mix concrete, that didn't work,â?? said Danny Thomas.

Basically, there was nothing I could do. So I just let it run,â?? said Thomas.

Sitting water around Danny Thompsonâ??s home is creating an ongoing issue. Since stopping, the rain water has slowed its entry into his home.

"It was coming in like somebody had a garden hose outside of it,â?? said Thomas.

The Genesee County Drain Commission says the sudden change in temperature is to blame.

"Between the rain falling, the snow falling and the group being frozen that water that normally could have soaked into the ground couldn't,â?? said civil engineer Susanne Kubic.

Giving residents a mess to clean up.

"Busted my concrete walls out, basically it destroyed everything in the basement,â?? said Thomas.

"If it's in their back yard and there's no catch basin there is nothing to do,â?? said Kubic.

Even with normal temperatures coming back into the area the lasting effects of this flooding will linger.

"I will probably get black mold, all the damage to everything down here is just wasted," said Thomas.

Aside from damage to homes standing water can threaten your cars. Mechanics say fording through water like his can cost thousands in repairs. And heading into tomorrow morning this could be a sheet of ice.