Flooding and its recurring problem

Fred Roeder tells NBC25 about the neighborhood's recurring drain issue.

Snapshots of Mid-Michigan's last heavy rainfall showed flooding off Jamestown Ct. in Flint. It's a recurring picture that Roeder said needs to be addressed.

"I could lose everything and it's not going to be replaced," said Fred Roeder.

He told NBC25 that for several years he and his neighbors have been calling the drain and road commissions to fix drains. Some of the drains were fixed, but halfway and when the rain starts pouring there is still no place for the water to go.

"they may have repaired the structure, but they never debris it," responded Roeder.

He said this has caused damage in many of his neighbor's homes.

Roeder doesn't live in a flood plane area and he doesn't have flood insurance. He said the insurance he does have only covers, "my brand new furnace, and hot water heater and maybe my washer," Roeder said.

Governor Snyder just declared a state of emergency in Genesee County. Possibly meaning help is on the way for flooding victims like Roeder. People should have information on hand when FEMA officials survey the damage on Monday.